1. Please finalize the booking minimum 1 day before our meeting in Budapest and 2 days before when I need to travel to you.

  2. Initially I need to know where, when and for how long you would like to meet me. That makes it much easier for me to confirm my availbility or suggest alternatives.

  3. I work as an indepenent companion. Please inquire directly to me and we agree all details inbetween us. You can not book my companionship via some "Madam".

  4. As a general rule all travel expenses have to be paid by you before our meeting.

  5. There is no prepayment of my donation, but I expect you to pay me the full agreed amount shortly after I arrive for our meeting.

  6. I'm not offerng a call girl service. That means I realy need a decent notice; I don't offer 1 hours meetings and I only give my private phone number after we have agreed to meet.

Your inquiry will be sent directly to Stefanie and you will get a personal reply from her.