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Escort Booking for Dummies

Or how to successfully make an appointment with an escort without appearing to be a complete retard

As part of my job, I have read and replied to hundreds of emails from men seeking to make an appointment with a high class escort woman. Let me in all modesty say this: Very few men excel in this unusual undertaking. In general men's communicative skills are less than impressive in these particualr circumstances and the majority appears to have an IQ around 70 or so. Anyway, it's clear to me there is a market for some well meant free advice.

Booking a high class escort is in principle like booking an appointment with a car mechanic. All you need to agree about is the day and time, where, what the price will be and usually some particular details about the services provided. It should be so simple, yet it seems not to be?

Of course there is a little more to it than that. The quality of the experience is to some extent depending on a good chemistry between you and the lady, so it is only natural you will attempt to get an impression of the lady's personality before you agree to meet her. It is of course also in your interest making a good impression of yourself before you meet her. If you make a bad impression during the booking process it is quite likely she will arrive to the meeting having a low oppinion about you. That's human nature and can only be prevented by not making a bad impression. And that's precisely the mission of this text!

Finding a suitable high class escort is today almost always done searching the internet. It's easy, anonymous, free and accessible to everyone. Some escorts are independent and have their own webpages while others are advertised through agencies. And sometimes you will use a larger escort directory as the entrance door to either an independent or agency escort. But regardless of all the details there will usually be both pictures and plenty of information available about the escort – even a price indication is common.

And the booking is straightforward. You just send an email with your inquiry. Easy, anonymous and free of charge. Sometimes you are offered the choice of SMS or voice call, but email is the usual means of communication for the initial inquiry. But what should you write in that initial email? Well, there are some SHOULDs and some SHOULDN'Ts! Let us begin with those things you should include!

  • Address the person you want to make an appointment with. Write her name (or stagename) as the recipient of the email. „Hi Erica“ or „Dear Alexis“ are much more personal and respectful than „Hi girls“ or „Hello“or no introduction at all. When using the escort's name you demonstrate you have singled out a particular lady as the focus of your interest – and that will surely improve your odds of a positive reply as well as earn you respect. Of course personalizing your emails will not prevent you from sending email inquiries to more than one escort – it just requires 15 seconds extra to change the name of your copy-pasted text.

  • Include your own first name. OK, we all understand the need for discreetion and anonymity, so if you are reluctant to reveal your real name, use a nickname. Peter, John, Alexander….. almost anything is better than just Mr. Anonymous. Hint! Don't use nicknames like Sexy Adonis or 9inch Tom – they will not earn you respect or admiration; only contempt and ridicule.
  • Be as specific as possible in your inquiry. How can the escort know if she will be available if you don't tell her when you want to meet her? If at all possible, include all the important info in the first email: What day and what time of the day? Which city and if possible also the hotel name? And write for how long you intend the meeting to be – like everyone else escorts need to plan their time.
  • If you require some particular service from the escort, ie. some explicit sexual practises, do yourself and the escort the favor of mentioning it in the first email, but try to be tactful. If you mention it only after you and the escort have agreed to a meeting, it will invariably create the impression, that you are trying to pressure the escort into providing a service she doesn't usually agree to – and in the escort's mind that is certain to group you as a 1st class #sshole.

Now, if you managed to include most of the already mentioned information in your inquiring email there is a fair chance your chosen high class escort will not consider you a complete retard. In fact, she might even consider you a sane and rational person, capable of expressing yourself in a meaningful way. However, as mentioned, there are also some things you shouldn't do as it would be certain to lower the escort's oppinion of you. I already warned you about fancy nick-names, but there's a few more pitfalls you'd want to avoid.

  • Don't ask the escort to "explain" her services in general - this can be an embarrassing and awkward situation for the high class escort lady.. If there is any particular service you are interested in... simply ask in a neutral way if she offers it or not.
  • Never, Never, Never suggest a price much lower than the escort lady's stated rates. Frankly, it's the ultimate insult and 90% of all high class escorts will not even worthy you a reply. If you only want to take one advice, take this one... you are certain to be regarded an idiot, if you try to haggle over the price as though you were buying an old umbrella at a flea-market. If you don't know the price - or if your requested services are not covered by the stated rates - just ask for the price, but don't suggest one!

Now, that should be all! Follow these simple guidelines and your favorite high class escort will have a favourable oppinon of you even before she has met you, providing the groundwork for an enjoyable and satisfying encounter with her...

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